From pre-nuptials, Children to Divorce, we will help resolve those family matters.

Family Law

A family breakdown can be one of the most difficult and emotional periods that you will experience.  We will work to achieve the best results for you looking at the bigger picture and try to deal with matters in a sensitive, practical and non-confrontational manner, all the while adopting a tough approach when required to get the right result. 

We offer the following family services:

  • Pre-nuptials and Cohabitation

  • Divorce and Separation

  • Domestic Abuse

  • Children


Why use a solicitor?


We appreciate that the breakdown of a relationship or marriage can be one of the most difficult times in a client’s life, especially when there are children involved. This is almost always repeated on every website you may look at when considering your options, however, we can assure you that your matter will be dealt with by a professional who will act objectively, calmly, with compassion and in the most cost-effective manner to ensure a future for you and your children. 


We will provide you with expert legal advice with practical guidance centred around your individual circumstances. For some clients, this may be a simpler process than for others, but each client is treated individually and with the utmost support.


We appreciate that clients wish to avoid Court proceedings wherever possible, and we endeavour to support and equip clients with tailored and technical legal advice to enable a resolution out of Court wherever possible. This could be by way of offering a referral to family mediation or with the use of collaborative law to allow parties to structure their own agreements relating to the finances or children if so possible. 


Our pricing structure provides you with different options available for an initial consultation when you are considering your options, advice upon certain documentation through to full representation from the onset of your matter through to its conclusion. We can advise upon the division of assets, pensions, family businesses, money, and all aspects relating to children. 


How much will it cost?


We aim to offer fixed fees upon most of our services wherever possible however, an hourly rate of £200 plus VAT will apply unless stated otherwise. We suggest you make an appointment with our solicitor to discuss the matter first in order to get an appreciation of the cost and timings involved. We do not charge for the first appointment in relation to matrimonial law.




We offer fixed fees for an undefended divorce in the sum of £800 plus VAT if you chose to act as the Petitioner, or in the sum of £450 plus VAT if you are the Respondent. 



There is a Court fee to issue the Divorce Petition currently in the sum of £550 however, you may be eligible for a reduction or exemption in respect to this fee subject to your income and financial position. 




The financial matters related to the divorce can prove to be a complex process to resolve, whether by consent or through instigating Court proceedings, hence the need in our view to instruct a professional person in the form of a solicitor. 


Fees for resolving your financial matters vary depending on the extent and complexity of the marital assets. We charge an hourly rate of £200 plus VAT for the work and can provide an estimate of the number of hours we anticipate to resolve the financial matters at the initial interview.  If we are able to offer a fixed fee, these will range from £500 plus VAT to £1,500 plus VAT. 


A Consent Order agreed between the parties containing a transfer of the jointly owned marital home into one party’s name and a lump sum provision to the other will take approximately 3-4 hours and can be conducted on a fixed fee of £650 plus VAT. 



There is a Court fee payable to submit a Consent Order for approval currently in the sum of £50 or £255 to issue an application for financial relief.  You may be eligible for a reduction or exemption in respect to this fee subject to your income and financial position.


Please get in contact with us if you need help or assistance with any of the following:


  • Divorce

  • Separation agreements

  • Division of assets

  • Separation agreements

  • Maintenance agreements including child maintenance

  • Pre-nuptial agreements

  • Co-habitation agreements

  • Civil partnership agreements

  • Non-molestation and occupation orders

  • Child residence and contact

  • Grandparents rights

  • Adoptions

  • Care proceedings

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