Edward Friend is a notary public serving South and West Wales.

Notary Public

Edward is a notary public based in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire and serving the South and West Wales. 

Edward has his own notary website with more information on it - 

Edward can notarise and legalise documentation for both personal and business use. Edward is 1 of only 2 notary publics working in the West Wales area. Edward works 5 days a week and is normally able to see clients very quickly, often the same day. 


A notary public is a professional who has authority to prepare and execute legal documents and who can attest (prove or authenticate) signatures to deeds and documents for use in England and Wales or abroad. It is a separate profession to that of a solicitor. Indeed, a notary public is a legal officer of ancient standing.

A solicitor can only deal with documentation that relates to the jurisdiction of England and Wales and so if you have financial, legal or property dealings abroad, a notary public is used to authenticate documentation. A document prepared or authenticated by a notary public will carry authority in a country outside of England and Wales and can be relied upon by authorities in that country. 

Sometimes, however, a document or deed needs to notarised with a notary public for use in England and Wales. Often the Welsh Government or Government ministries require notarised documents when a person lacks capacity or is unable to sign due to some physical impediment. 

Edward is a notary public, 1 of only 750 or so notaries in England and Wales. 

Be careful when searching the internet for providers of notarial services, quite a few offer 'notarial' services at what appear cheaper rates when in fact they are solicitors and or agents able to obtain an Apostille or legalisation at the various embassies. Edward is often contacted by clients who have used these services only to find that the third party they are dealing with require proper notarial documents (a document verified in by a notary public). Only a notary public can offer this service and in the majority of cases you will need to see the notary public in person to confirm your identity.

What services does Edward provide as a Notary Public?

The services offered by Edward as a notary public are varied; ranging from witnessing a signature to a document to preparing complex powers of attorney to assisting businesses with their foreign affairs. For a list of some of the services Edward provides as a notary public, please look to the right of this paragraph or feel free to contact Edward by email or telephone. 

Edward will also be able to make an application to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for ​an Apostille (otherwise known as legalisation). Legalisation is the process whereby the FCO authenticates the signature and seal of the notary public to the document thus guaranteeing to any one in the world relying on that document that the signature and seal are genuine. 

For companies, Edward will also ensure that the Company has the appropriate authority and resolutions in place to ensure Directors have the ability to enter into legal documents with foreign authorities.


Due to the nature and complexity of notarial work, Edward will need to see the documentation being prepared, authenticated or witnessed before giving a quote. It is usual for a fixed fee quote to be provided. 

It is helpful if you can email Edward the documentation first setting out the nature of the request. 

Otherwise, please feel free to call Edward to discuss further.

Other important information


Documents prepared by a Notary Public can be official public documents in nature and a public record will be kept by the Notary of such documents. There is a permanent public record available for inspection by anyone who has an interest in the document created. 

The admission and regulation of a notary public is overseen by the Master of the Faculties. 

Edward will need to identify the client, whether this is a company or a person, in accordance with the Money Laundering Regulations. Edward will not be able to cary out work without sight of appropriate identity documents. Please have these to hand.

Lastly, Edward is also proud to be the Registrar (legal advisor) to the Archdeacon of Carmarthen in the Diocese of St Davids.

Please get in touch with Edward to find out more.

Click here for the notarial terms of business.


Please get in contact with us if you need help or assistance with a foreign document or with any of the following:


  • Legalisation

  • FCO Apostille

  • Embassy advice

  • Business documentation

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Witnessing documents

  • Statutory declarations

  • Affidavits

  • Oaths

  • Permissions to travel

  • Marriage Declarations

  • US documentation

  • Notarisation of Company documents

  • US Stock transfer forms

  • Oaths of Subscribing witnesses

  • French Mandates

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