Dispute Resolution

If you’re involved in a dispute, perhaps at work, with a neighbour or in relation to a product or service, you may be wondering where to turn for help and advice. Our dispute resolution solicitor has years of experience in helping clients resolve a wide range of disputes, so you can rely on us to support you and fight to defend your best interests when needed.


There are many ways to solve a dispute, and court proceedings should only be considered as a last resort. Where possible, we will help you to negotiate in an attempt to resolve the dispute without the cost and the stress of going to court. Sometimes court cannot be avoided and in these circumstances we will fight fearlessly to protect your best interests and ensure the dispute is resolved to your satisfaction.


Consumer Disputes​

If you have bought a new or second hand car, caravan, motorbike or a television, washing machine or any other item and find you are involved in a dispute we can help.It might be that it doesn’t meet the standard you’d expect and is not fit for purpose.  We have extensive experience of dealing with a wide range of consumer disputes.  Disputes over goods and services can be drawn out and costly.  We can deal with your case in a cost-effective and practical way, seeking to get a positive outcome for you.

Property Disputes

If you’re involved in a dispute over property, including disputes with a landlord or a tenant, or a neighbour or family member, we can help you reach a quick and successful resolution. Sometimes, despite good relations disputes cannot be avoided. Such disputes may take various forms, such as someone claiming ownership or rights over your land or somebody denying your rights over their land. There may be disputes about the boundaries between the two properties, a right of way, nuisance issues or the need to enter onto another person’s land in order to carry out works to your own building.  Offering constructive and practical advice, we will steer you through the dispute. 


Builder Disputes

During a building project the property owner can find that the work has not been carried out properly by the builder, contractor, or other tradesman or the builder, contractor, or other tradesman can find himself accused of faulty work.It is important to get advice at a very early stage if this happens and we have extensive experience of successfully bringing and defending building dispute claims.


Professional Negligence

Professional negligence is where a professional person (this could be a financial adviser, valuer, surveyor, accountant or solicitor) fails to perform to the standards required of them, resulting in their client suffering damage or loss. A professional person has a duty of care to their client to perform their job to a reasonable standard and with reasonable care.  If you have suffered as a result of professional negligence contact us for advice.


Wills, Trusts and Inheritance Disputes

There are a variety of disputes involving wills, trusts and estates including:

* contesting a will

* defending a will

* disputes over how a trust is being run

* an executor or beneficiary involved in a contentious probate or inheritance dispute; or

* making a claim for financial provision under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.

There are often very strict time limits when looking to contest a will, trust or estate.We will give you straightforward, clear legal advice and support you every step of the process.


Defamation & Slander

The cost of a defamation or slander case is not only financial, but can also cost you time and damage your reputation. Contact us and we will work with focus and dedication to protect your position.


Costs and funding

For most clients who become involved in legal disputes one of their principal concerns is costs.

The cost of legal proceedings can be very high and we believe that it is important therefore to try and achieve a solution or settlement which will minimise the client’s exposure to costs, whilst achieving an acceptable outcome for the client.

When seeking to resolve a dispute through the legal process the client has to be aware of not only their liability for the costs of their solicitor, but their potential liability for the costs of the other party in the event that they are unsuccessful.

The subject of costs is a difficult one, but one which we seek to address with the client at the outset.

We will provide you with a cost estimate at the outset and this estimate will be updated as the case proceeds. We will also explain your potential liability in respect of the other party’s costs and how best this potential liability can be minimised.

Funding Options

Many clients will feel reluctant to take legal proceedings because their financial resources are such that they simply cannot afford to do so.

In order to support our clients in pursuing deserving cases we have a number of funding options which may assist, including:

  • Pay-as-you-go;

  • Enter into a Conditional Fee Agreements (commonly known to as "no win no fee");

  • Arrange After the Event insurance to cover you in the event you were responsible for the other party's costs and own disbursements.

  • Enter into a Damages based Agreement with you whereby we will pursue the claim for you without charge but if you win, we receive an agreed percentage of any damages recovered.  The losing opponent is still liable for your legal costs but you will be responsible for any shortfall between the agreed percentage and costs recovered from your opponent. If you lose, you will not pay any legal fees to us although you may be liable for your own expenses and the winner’s legal costs, subject to any insurance you have taken out.

The litigation funding options above may not all be available to you.  We will advise you which options are available to you which will depend on the particular circumstances of your case and agree with you the most appropriate option.

We aim to deliver to our clients transparent pricing, clear estimates and regular updates. These assist not only in managing your cash flow but also in assessing the commercial risk for you or your business from the outset.

Please get in contact with us if you need help or assistance with any of the following:


  • Consumer Disputes

  • Property Disputes

  • Neighbour Disputes

  • Builder Disputes

  • Professional Negligence

  • Will, Trusts and Inheritance Disputes

  • Defamation 

  • Slander

  • Funding

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