Debt Recovery

Why use a solicitor?


Considering whether to instruct a solicitor to recover a debt owed to you by a third party can appear to be a time consuming and expensive process. The alternative option would be to instruct a Debt Collection Agent to recover the debt for you, however, consideration should be given to the limitations of instructing a debt recovery agent over a solicitor.



Solicitors are experienced professionals who are trained to deal with complex legal circumstances but also, a good solicitor, should also be trained to advise you on the merits of your case and to act in a manner that can maintain any business relationships required between creditors and debtors, rather than frustrate them. They offer a personal service whereas in comparison, debt recovery agents do not provide the quality, personal or experienced approach that we value.


Solicitors are able to take steps that a debt recovery agent cannot. These include advising you accurately and efficiently upon the merits of your case, whether this is defended or undefended by the debtor, and issuing Court proceedings to recover the debt on your behalf if this course of action is required. Debt recovery agents are usually not legally qualified and can only request payment of a debt by the debtor. This may be well known to some debtors which could in turn, minimise the credibility and effectiveness of any correspondence they may receive on your behalf from a debt recovery agency. 



Solicitors are entirely independent. We do not have connections with banks, building societies, charities, supermarkets or pension companies. We must operate independently and ensure that you get the correct advice and support. 


If, in the rare event we make a mistake, we have insurance to compensate you and a regulatory body (the Solicitors Regulation Authority) to complain to. This is important. Non-solicitor companies or debt recovery agents are not always regulated and don't have to have the insurance we have in place. Most debt recovery agents may be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, an Authority which holds the best interests of the debtors at the core of their regulations. 


The costs?


If Court proceedings are not issued:


Letter before Action to be posted on same day 

as receipt of instructions received before 2pm

(for simple debts)                                                                                     £75 plus VAT


Simple debt matter

(pre-court advice)                                                                                    £195.00 plus VAT


Complicated matters        

(extensive advice, correspondence and negotiation)                        £550.00 plus VAT



If Court proceedings are issued


Undefended small claims up to £10,000                                           £550.00 plus VAT


Handling a standard defended small claim 

up to £5,000?                                                                                          £550 plus VAT together with 15% of the debt claimed whether recovered or not


Handling a standard defended small claim

between £5,000 and £10,000?                                                             £1,250 plus VAT together with 15% of the debt claimed whether recovered or not


Costs for any claims for debts in excess of £10,000 

up to and including £100,000?                                                                      


Please contact us for a competitive quote ranging between £350 plus VAT to £2,000 plus VAT


Please note that legal fees incurred in small claims court are not usually recoverable.


The above fixed fees do not include any disbursements such as the Court issue fees which can be found on the following link:-


Enforcement of debts                 


On receipt of Judgment we can deal with enforcement and will advise you on the most appropriate method of enforcement including:


  • Enforcement by High Court Enforcement Office

  • Charging Orders

  • Attachment of Earnings Orders

  • Third Party Debt Order      

  • Bankruptcy proceedings    


Costs for enforcement will be charged at a competitive rate ranging between £350 plus VAT to £2,000 plus VAT and disbursements but can be provided on request and tailored to your circumstances.

Please get in contact with us if you need help or assistance with any of the following:


  • Debt Recovery

  • Enforcement

  • County Court Judgments

  • Fixed Fee

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